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New Credit Package Support from Ziraat Bank!

KNK Tarım New Credit Package Support from Ziraat Bank! görseli

Ziraat Bank has announced a new loan package that aims to create new agricultural production opportunities and contribute to increasing their incomes for those who live in forest villages and who are engaged in or want to engage in agricultural activities.
With the new loan package, it is aimed to direct the real persons residing in forest villages and who are entitled to receive certificates by participating in the relevant training programs of various institutions and organizations to suitable agricultural production activities and to increase agricultural production.

In addition, with the new loan package, it is aimed to finance the investment expenditures to be made in beekeeping, mushroom cultivation or medicinal aromatic plant cultivation and the operating expenses of existing enterprises under more favorable terms and in a sustainable manner.

The details of the new loan package are as follows;
I-) Within the scope of the package, loans up to TL 100,000 in total will be extended and no equity contribution will be sought.

II-) Investment loans can be made with a maturity of up to 7 years in accordance with the return period of the investment, and the repayment periods and installment amounts will be determined according to the possible income amount and income generation periods of the production period.

III-) In new investments, a grace period of up to 2 years may be granted, depending on the size of the investment and the transition period to operation.

IV-) On the other hand, in business loans, a maturity of up to 14 months can be made, taking into account the income generation period.

V-) Interest rates compatible with the loan maturity will be applied to the loans extended by Ziraat Bank within the scope of the package. In addition, if the technical criteria specified in the relevant Decree and Communiqué are met, the said loans will be able to benefit from the interest support (subsidy) provided by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

Source : tarimpusulasi.com